Connection Quality Monitoring

Along with remote hosts state monitoring, EMCO Ping Monitor comes with an ability to monitor connection quality based on the provided settings. The connection quality check is performed on a basis of a sample containing the specified number of latest responses. The following characteristics can be used for calculation:

  • Packet Loss Percentage - a ratio of the number of lost packets in a connection quality check sample to the number of packets being sent within the same sample;
  • Latency Percentile - a specified percentile for latency in a sample of responses;
  • Jitter - a packet delay variation for a sample of delivered packets of a specified length with reference to the specifications defined in RFC-1889.

The packet loss percentage cannot be removed from quality calculation and the connection quality is treated as Critical when 100% of packets are lost. The connection quality is Bad in case if any condition from enabled for bad quality is reached, the same is true for the Warning quality. The quality is Good when no problematic condition is reached. When the sample size is insufficient to calculate the connection quality, it is Pending. If you are using the gateway to check if the host is reachable and the host is currently not reachable, the Unreachable sign is added to the connection quality.

The summary information on hosts with different connection quality is available on the Overview page of the document, located at the center of the main screen. There you can find the number of hosts with Good, Warning, Bad, Critical and Pending quality. The detailed per-host information on the current connection quality can be found in the Quality Summary page. It is specially designed to focus on connection quality monitoring. You can either monitor the per-host connection quality, or monitor a number of hosts with different connection quality per-group.

Quality Summary for all hosts

Pic 1. Quality Summary for all hosts

All information on connection quality changes is stored to the monitoring statistics, unless explicitly disabled in program preferences on the Monitoring Statistics page.