Host State Monitoring

EMCO Ping Monitor was primarily designed to monitor host state thus detect outages. The main characteristic of the monitored host is its uptime – the percentage of the monitoring time the host was online. The time period when the host is offline is called an outage. Each outage is detected regarding the condition defined in the monitoring settings. The conditions to treat the host as online is also configured through the monitoring settings.

For the host that is online, the state is Up and it is Down for the hosts that are offline. The Pending state is used to describe the moment when neither Up nor Down condition is reached. If you are using the gateway to check if the host is reachable and the host is currently not reachable, the Unreachable sign is added to the state. In case the host is in a non-pending state and the state is going to change (for example, the host state is Up, the packet is lost, but the Down condition is not reached yet) the state is considered as Unstable.

The summary information on hosts in different state is available on the Overview page of the document, located at the center of the main screen. There you can find the number of hosts that are in Up, Down and Pending states. The detailed per-host information on the current state can be found on the State Summary page. It is specially designed to focus on states monitoring. You can either monitor the per-host state, or monitor a number of hosts in different states per-group.

State Summary for all hosts

Pic 1. State Summary for all hosts

All information on ping replies, state changes, etc is stored to the monitoring statistics, unless explicitly disabled in program preferences on the Monitoring Statistics page.